So as promised a few videos on OBS, their will be 2-3 video in this series on giving you the basics on how to setup OBS from installing cameras and audio to setting up your streaming settings. So in this first video i will be showing you how to download and install OBS, creating scenes & adding video device and audio.
hope you enjoy and hope it helps, any question then please ask.

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Welcome to my channel.
The channel was born from a dare by my youngest daughter, I am going to be honest I have loved every moment of it, the learning journey has taught me so much. I feel it has me a better and stronger person, improved my tec and presentation skills but also given me skills that help me in every day live.
As i have always said i want to bring you guys along for the journey and let’s learn together. swapping ideas and learning from each other is one of the best parts of doing the channel.

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This Channel is only for entertainment purposes only. i am not a professional wood turner and don’t claim to be, The projects you see on my channel are only done for the entertainment of others. I used many different types of materials and tools so please Always read and understand manufactures guide lines and instructions or seek professional guidance for the correct way to use the tools and materials you are using.

please always be safe