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1. There are three ways to obtain team funds: first-level users get 15% of the team’s income and effective
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10% of the team’s income by registering and recharging.10% 5%2%.

2. Withdrawal ratio
– Deposit 5.00 — 99999.99TRX, withdraw daily2.88%
– Deposit 100000.00 – 499999.99TRX, withdraw daily3.88%
– Deposit 500000.00 – 999999.99TRX, withdraw daily5.88%
– Deposit 5000000.00 – 10000000.99TRX, withdraw daily9.88%

3. Tell your team that the company registration invitation link can be promoted on any social software, such as
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5. The withdrawal time is 12:00 AM Singapore time. You can only withdraw coins once within 24 hours. The company
promises that your team will top up over 1 million TRX as a gift of the latest iPhone worth $780, and your team
will top up over 2 million TRX as a gift of the latest Apple computer. A set is worth $1,568, and when the
cumulative deposit reaches 5 million TRX, the team will receive a gift worth $15,000. The team recharges 10 million
worth $55,700. The final interpretation right of this announcement belongs to

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